Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Roof Quiz

So I took a roof personality quiz from younghouselove (yes, them again!) and it told me that my colors are beige and taupe. HOW BORING!

I did think that the description was accurate.
You like classic looks and are careful about allowing too much excitement into your life. You are practical, fair, and well balanced, and you make a good arbitrator.

Which basically means boring. But at least it was accurate!

Then I took the colorstrology quiz (regarding how your birthday fits in your color) It was pretty accurate.

Then I took one based on colors and what occupations you'd most be suited for. It said I was first and foremost an organizer. I KNOW- I was shocked too. haha, kidding.

It was fun!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Serious Addiction...Well maybe not quite so serious

So babysitting for two functional boys who love video games means I have a lot of time on my hands to read, knit, & be on my computer. And being on my computer means keeping a permanent tab open of younghouselove! If you have never been to their site, trust me, you'll be addicted as soon as you go there.

The site upkeepers are the Youngsters, John and Sherry (with help from baby Clara and Burger, their dog.) I love it!

And while puttering around their site today, I found this:

You can see what your Ikea furniture name would be.

That's mine. I'm LOVING the umlaut over the A. Can you imagine if I walked around spelling my name like that. Cool!

I'll be posting again soon with the DIY task of covering the skylight in my room. It gets so stinking hot that I need to do something. So I'm going to tackle a covering that doesn't require tracks, hammers, OR an empty wallet. Check back soon.