Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Much Merrier than a Manic Monday

So I know that it is not Monday when I am posting this. However, the good stuff that I'm reflecting on happened yesterday. Most Mondays are kind of bleh because it is the start of the week and what not, but yesterday was a fabulous Monday for me. My day started off productively and classes went well. I had a test in my Psych class but my professer has been sick so she wasn't there to give it. So we took it and left, which meant I was in that class for approximately 15 minutes tops. Overall, I was a good student on Monday actually doing my work. As a reward, I went over to my friend Greg's for a movie night. We watched Picture Snatcher, an oldie with James Cagney. It's kind of our thing- watching old movies that are black and white and brilliant! It was really nice to hang out a little ways off campus and be able to relax.

Some fantastic news for today: my roommate turned in our application for the town home next year and we're #2 on the waiting list. Which basically means we will definitely have a house next year!!!!!!!! It is really weird to think that we'll truly be growing up and moving out so to speak. My mom is taking it a little hard. She gets sad thinking about me moving out, but technically we're just moving off campus for the school year. I will still come home often!

Simply put, this week has already been a huge blessing!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Realtors, Leases, and Frozen Hot Chocolate

So this week has been a very stressful one for me. Although the past few weeks have literally been jam-packed from morning til night, this week was filled with a lot of emotional, spiritual, and mental stresses. The biggest stress of the week was trying to decide where I will live next year. Now I know what you are thinking...it is September. However, determining housing for the following year begins at Millersville in October/November. My roommate and I, along with our friend Becca are looking into getting a townhome for next year!! After looking at our many options, we have compared costs, driving issues, and our own happiness. And we think that we have the perfect answer- town house. It's a little ways off campus but it really looks to be the best choice for us. So yay for us finally coming to that conclusion tonight. We get to take a look at them officially on Sunday, although Becca and I have been there. It feels weird to be growing up. I'm getting a little more sad as I get a little more excited. It's strange. And I'm not quite ready to face it all.

On a happier note and less stressful note, my roommate Sarah and I met up with our friend Brooke to just chat over smoothies at a local coffee shop. Delicious! I had a frozen hot chocolate. It was to die for. We had lovely talks in this cute little shop where some guy was playing his guitar. It was the perfect end to a rough week.

Tomorrow I work at the 5K Run/Walk that the organization I work for is running. So I will be up and functional by 7:30am. That is not an hour I have seen in a long time. I am looking forward to it though. I love putting in a good day's work. Hopefully it will be fun. I will be missing College Day on the Parkway in Philly that all of my friends are going to.

Thought for the day: Growing up is so bittersweet.

Simply put, despite all the stress of life, I am truly blessed.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Joy of Care Group

Because it will most likely be mentioned throughout my posts, I figure I should comment about what this whole care group thing is. I belong to a Christian group at Millersville called University Christian Fellowship (UCF). Last fall, my best friend (and now roommate) Sarah got me interested in a group that met in our dorm's study room once a week. UCF called it a care group. Basically, it is a group that gathers once a week to study the Bible but then they also do things outside of that one night gathering. Throughout the year, my care group really became my lifeline. When I went through a nasty break-up, it was my care group leaders who immediately came to my side. This year, I am co-leading a care group in my dorm. It is currently going so well. We have had about 18 people there each week which is a lot in the scheme of care groups. We had a great mix of people from past years and freshmen. My co-leader, Justin, and I get along so well. I really am so thankful for the people that come and the people that support Justin and I.

Part of my care group from last year on our field trip to the Lancaster Theological Seminary.

I am truly blessed by this group.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old Films and Thriving Students

I have had a really great couple of days. My family came to church with me on Sunday and I was so happy for them to be a part of that aspect of my life at school.
Yesterday was a busy, busy day starting with my first day back at the gym with my roommate at 7:30am! It felt great though to get back in that routine. Then we had breakfast with friends and then I worked for awhile until classes. In the evening, I had to meet with some of my students from my Orientation group. We have to check in with how things are going and then do some goal setting. I am happy to report that they are all doing really well for the most part. I am very happy for them. After I finished up like 9 meetings, I went over to my friend Greg's house to watch a movie.
We watched "It Happened One Night" with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. It was fabulous. I now love old black and white films because of Greg. We then watched some episodes of Greg the Bunny. Hilarious. It was great to just hang out with him too. I love watching movies. After a long day of interviews, it was great to just relax.
Today was a busy day with classes and more meetings. But overall, life is good. Tonight is care group and I can't wait to be among my friends.

Simply put, I am blessed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hardcore Mini Golf and Bananas Foster

So today was not only a beautiful day, but it was filled with lots of beautiful things.

My mom won a recipe contest that was part of Millersville Dining Services. So her prize was for her and my dad to visit Millersville, get two free meals in the dining hall, a night in a hotel, and a really fancy dinner in one of our fancy dining rooms. My mom chose this weekend to come here because it is her and my dad's anniversary.

They came around lunch and got to eat at the dining hall. (Woohoo!) I gave them a little history tour of the campus and then we went with my roomate Sarah to play mini-golf. It was a really cute place to play, tucked back in the woods. It was like the most intense golf course ever though. It seriously took us forever to play because each hole was long and complicated. Naturally, my golf ball was flying all over the place. It was a lot of fun.

When we got back, we went to our special dinner. My mom had gotten to pick the menu from some choices. It was seriously one of the most delicious meals I have had in my entire life. We had shrimp cocktail, smoked turkey & brie soup, a mandarin salad with raspberry honey dijon dressing, awesome rolls, chateau-briand, potatoes, veggies, and finally, bananas foster. Everything was delicious. Seriously, I was in heaven. However, now I feel like I'm going to burst!

It is really nice to have my parents around. Tomorrow they will come to church with me. I think they will really enjoy it. I can't wait to hang out with them some more.

Under all of this happiness, there was a touch of sadness that I had at the back of my mind. A year ago today, my German shepherd Max passed away. It was honestly the hardest day of my life. I have never cried that hard in my whole life. And the fact that it has been a year makes me sad. He was my buddy. We have another dog now, Faith, and she's a sweetheart. But Max was my first dog and he'll always have a very special place for me.

This is last picture we have of Max before he passed away. I hope you are happy in heaven buddy. I miss you everyday.

Simply put, I am blessed.


Friday, September 18, 2009

The First of Many

So this is my first blog and my first post. I've entered my second year at Millersville University and I realized that I needed some way to communicate all of the thoughts that swim around in my head. Writing in a journal takes me way too long and I wanted a way to share some of my random thoughts with others. Because sometimes, the simple, zany things make a difference to people. Hopefully I can get to that level at some point.

I first thought about creating a blog when I saw the movie "Julie and Julia." For those of you who like to cook, wish you could cook, or love food, this is a great movie to see. However, do not see it on an empty stomach like my mom and I did. The main character (other than Julia Child) decides to blog as she attempts to conquer Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. It is based off of a true story and I just thought it was brilliant. I now own this cookbook- my mom had it sent to me at college just so I could open it. There is no way in the world I could get through this book while at college, let alone would I really be excited to share of the many misfortunes I would surely encounter.

So instead I've decided to write about my time in college- from the really amazing times to the days when I want to move back home. I think it is important for me (and hopefully others who may choose to read this) to always look for the simple joys among the crazy days. I know that I am blessed and I don't want to forget that even when times are rough or stressful. So I hope you will join me.

As a brief start, I have had a completely crazy week. I have a lot of things to do each day and it seems like I don't actually want a break because I never seem to allow time for that. I'm constantly moving. But even after Wednesday and yesterday, I managed to have such a fabulous week. One highlight: being able to come back after lots of meetings, classes, leading my first ever Bible study, and working to my awesome roommate and watch Sex & the City before bed.

Simply put, I am blessed.