Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Start of the Chaos

So my mom has been collecting things for our house. And by collecting, I mean buying herself new things to pass on the old ones to me. Like these lamps. They used to be in our living room.

She's also taken to just throwing random things into the "new home" boxes she's been compiling. Which is why our spare room looks like a tornado hit the house. Exhibit A.

But my favorite things so far for our house are the cookware items. Despite my mediocre abilities in the kitchen, I enjoy cooking and cooking products. My grandmother bought me all kinds of stuff for the kitchen and my mom put it in a great basket for Christmas for me.

I love preparing for this house!!

Tips on a finding a cheap bed?! Please help!

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year...New House

So as a final test at blogging and actually doing it for a reason, I have figured out something legit to blog about.

Two of my closest friends and I are getting a house for next semester. We have been collecting items, checking out tons of websites, thinking of plans for the house, and it's been a blast. We are so excited.

So in the effort to remain sane through the remaining months and to hopefully get some tips on decorating, efficient home planning, house living, and any other helpful items, this blog is now devoted to that.

Tomorrow I will take pictures of some of the many delightful things that have been collected, donated, and purchased for the house cause!

Happy Reading!

A Lovely Break

I love when breaks consist of these things:
-Time to knit and think and breathe
-The ability to read books for pleasure
-The time and tools to cook good food
-Fun movies with the family
-Playing Wii with good friends
-Scrapbooking about fun times in Disney
-Dining with good people
-Happy times

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So I enjoy blogging and I adore reading other people's, but I feel like mine is just not connecting me with what I want. I want to be able to have fun writing it. I just feel like I need to revamp my blog again. I have no idea as to what I should write about but it needs to be different than what I'm after.

I love knitting and have started a new project. So I think I will start this revamp (number 2 time) with some updates on my new project. Then I will continue to write about faith questions or food or whatever I can come up with. I'll probably put up some recipes too for my blogging friends who love recipes!