Monday, May 31, 2010


So..move in day- 5 days!

Holy jeez- that is soon.
And am I ready?
-As far as stuff is concerned, yes. Everything is pretty well packed in boxes. My uncle and a church friend are going to help me move plus my parents.
-As far as emotionally, no way Jose. I am terrified.

This move requires me to put on my big girl panties and grow up.
And I'm just starting to enjoy my childhood I think.
Which is freaking terrifying.

Any advice- how you grow up without losing the fun?

Anyway...I am excited. It will be lovely. I love house stuff. I love cooking. I can't wait to have a nook in my room. :)

Oh yes...and here's the house!!!!!

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  1. I love it! E-mail me any pictures you'd like, color ideas, etc. ( and I'll start to put some stuff together. I start at the hospital this weekend so it most likely will be sometime this weekend. Yay!!