Friday, November 20, 2009

Crepes and Car Rides

Today was just fabulous.

I mean it started out way too early after a midnight showing of New Moon. I had to go to a campus committee meeting with some union people and high ups to discuss the smoking policy on campus. I'm not going to discuss it because it was the low part of the day.

But then I got to go out to lunch with my mentor Linda. She's a grandmother and just the lovliest woman. She is so full of youth and spunk. We went to this cute little diner for lunch. She paid which was so sweet and we did a little goal setting worksheet together. She also bought me a little name jewel thing. It's so cute.

After a brief oral presentation in French class, Becca, Sarah and I headed out into Lancaster. We dropped Sarah off at her interview for an internship then we ran some errands. After her interview (which went well!) we went into the city for crepes at Rachel's. SOOO good. I picked up the pottery that Mom, Janet, and I painted two weeks ago. Looks fabulous!

Overall a good night.

I'm so blessed.

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