Friday, November 13, 2009

Every Blessing You Pour Out

This week did not look promising as of Monday.

But it turns out that when things don't look good, they are wonderful.

After a fabulous weekend of singing and dancing my heart out:

I knew that I was going to be dealing with more schoolwork now that ACMO has mostly ended. Well I was correct. Tests, papers, getting all of that stuff back. Sheesh. seems that nearly EVERTHING was filled with a huge blessing.
1. I got my French test back. With a curve, I got a 98.5! After my professor offered to see if he could get the prerequisite removed from a French Phonetics class he is teaching next semester so I could take that.

2. I got my Psych paper back. My partner and I made a booklet for parents to demonstrate the material from the book. Our last paper, which was 10 pages and chock full of good info only got us a B. This paper...52/50 and a note saying it was the best in the whole class!

3. Because of budget cuts and funding being taken away, it looked like my paid job with Students Working Against Tobacco was going to be cut for next semester. Not only will I still have my job, but I was voted in as the new president last night.

4. Because I thought I was losing my job, I applied for one at the Provost's Office. I interviewed Monday and found out yesterday that I got the job!!!! I start after Christmas break. I will be kept on the Provost's team until I graduate if I so choose. Which means I will have a steady job throughout college.

5. I lead care group last night. My mentor Jenn has lead a Job class at the seminary for years now. So I used the notes that she gave the class, a song that she incorporates in, a reading she uses, and I presented an amazing care group lesson on Job.

This week has truly been a blessing to me. I am heading home this weekend just to take a little break from everything. I am sure that seeing my family will just seal off this week as a great one.


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