Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tales of Joy

Some people say that they love their house but they don't really mean it.

When I say that I love my house, I am so not kidding for a second!

I love that right now I am sitting on my couch watching my new fave show (Design Star-it's the season finale) with my diet coke on the coffee table and the windows open. This sure beats sitting on my bed, balancing my snack on my pillow in an air-tight coffin of a room. (Although I loved it at the time, don't worry!) Also- I can walk into my kitchen if I want a snack or to cook myself some dinner. So great!

And did I mention-I have got the coolest bedroom ever. I have my own floor people! That's pretty banging. And I love my workspace and my bed and my nook. Did I mention the love I have for this house. Yes, it has some imperfections, some blank walls still, and unfortunately a few critters that like to enjoy the house too. But really who can blame them?!

I do need to work on a covering for my skylight. I have all the materials, all the ideas, but no time. That is not something I love.

Ok- my homework is starting to pile up. Guess I better start working. It's just so easy to not when you have things to do and hang out with people. Ahhh...the problems of life. :-D

With Love, from the Lane.

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