Friday, September 25, 2009

Realtors, Leases, and Frozen Hot Chocolate

So this week has been a very stressful one for me. Although the past few weeks have literally been jam-packed from morning til night, this week was filled with a lot of emotional, spiritual, and mental stresses. The biggest stress of the week was trying to decide where I will live next year. Now I know what you are is September. However, determining housing for the following year begins at Millersville in October/November. My roommate and I, along with our friend Becca are looking into getting a townhome for next year!! After looking at our many options, we have compared costs, driving issues, and our own happiness. And we think that we have the perfect answer- town house. It's a little ways off campus but it really looks to be the best choice for us. So yay for us finally coming to that conclusion tonight. We get to take a look at them officially on Sunday, although Becca and I have been there. It feels weird to be growing up. I'm getting a little more sad as I get a little more excited. It's strange. And I'm not quite ready to face it all.

On a happier note and less stressful note, my roommate Sarah and I met up with our friend Brooke to just chat over smoothies at a local coffee shop. Delicious! I had a frozen hot chocolate. It was to die for. We had lovely talks in this cute little shop where some guy was playing his guitar. It was the perfect end to a rough week.

Tomorrow I work at the 5K Run/Walk that the organization I work for is running. So I will be up and functional by 7:30am. That is not an hour I have seen in a long time. I am looking forward to it though. I love putting in a good day's work. Hopefully it will be fun. I will be missing College Day on the Parkway in Philly that all of my friends are going to.

Thought for the day: Growing up is so bittersweet.

Simply put, despite all the stress of life, I am truly blessed.


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