Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Joy of Care Group

Because it will most likely be mentioned throughout my posts, I figure I should comment about what this whole care group thing is. I belong to a Christian group at Millersville called University Christian Fellowship (UCF). Last fall, my best friend (and now roommate) Sarah got me interested in a group that met in our dorm's study room once a week. UCF called it a care group. Basically, it is a group that gathers once a week to study the Bible but then they also do things outside of that one night gathering. Throughout the year, my care group really became my lifeline. When I went through a nasty break-up, it was my care group leaders who immediately came to my side. This year, I am co-leading a care group in my dorm. It is currently going so well. We have had about 18 people there each week which is a lot in the scheme of care groups. We had a great mix of people from past years and freshmen. My co-leader, Justin, and I get along so well. I really am so thankful for the people that come and the people that support Justin and I.

Part of my care group from last year on our field trip to the Lancaster Theological Seminary.

I am truly blessed by this group.

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