Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Much Merrier than a Manic Monday

So I know that it is not Monday when I am posting this. However, the good stuff that I'm reflecting on happened yesterday. Most Mondays are kind of bleh because it is the start of the week and what not, but yesterday was a fabulous Monday for me. My day started off productively and classes went well. I had a test in my Psych class but my professer has been sick so she wasn't there to give it. So we took it and left, which meant I was in that class for approximately 15 minutes tops. Overall, I was a good student on Monday actually doing my work. As a reward, I went over to my friend Greg's for a movie night. We watched Picture Snatcher, an oldie with James Cagney. It's kind of our thing- watching old movies that are black and white and brilliant! It was really nice to hang out a little ways off campus and be able to relax.

Some fantastic news for today: my roommate turned in our application for the town home next year and we're #2 on the waiting list. Which basically means we will definitely have a house next year!!!!!!!! It is really weird to think that we'll truly be growing up and moving out so to speak. My mom is taking it a little hard. She gets sad thinking about me moving out, but technically we're just moving off campus for the school year. I will still come home often!

Simply put, this week has already been a huge blessing!


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