Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cancelled Class, Apple Dumplings, and Dancing

Today, my last class was cancelled. So I had 1 hour and 15 minutes more of life than I expected. What a blessing!

Then I went to dinner and it was Apple Festival night at the dining hall. I had an apple dumpling. It was very delicious. This is one of many reasons why I adore the fall. (I shall list these at some point) But alas, that was a great part of my evening.

And then to the not so fun, but still kind of fun part of my night- the crazy stuff that is going to ensure in approximately 35 minutes. I have to: lead a care group lesson on Samson from 6:30-8, then run across campus to musical rehearsal for an hour, then run back to this side of campus for a work meeting.

While the busyness of this may seem like the bad part, it isn't half of it. Why?

Because rehearsal tonight (only my second ever! for a musical thing) involves choreography.

They may as well stick me in the middle of a muddy ice skating rink in high heels because that's about how good I'm going to look dancing. I guess I'll just have to get by with my singing.

Somehow I think my musical friends (below) will be able to help me.

Simply put, I am truly blessed.


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