Saturday, October 24, 2009

God enjoys my sarcasm...I think.

God has laughed a lot in the past few days.

Not at me, but with me.

Wednesday...he laughed when I slipped on an apple and nearly wiped out in the middle of the walkway. I laughed a lot at this, I bet He did too.

Yesterday- I KNOW God was laughing watching our ACMO rehearsal. We are people who love music and who love to be goofy. If anything, He was getting a sneak peak into the show and into our true selves. (As if He didn't already know what that actually looked like.)

Today- As I was panicking about missing trains (I missed two opportunities because the train I was on was severely delayed), God was laughing at how all things work out. Because I had time to go to the bathroom and buy a snack before getting on a train. Instead of running, I could walk.

I need to remember that HE is in control...not me.

As I attend two funerals this weekend, I know that my happy, joyful God will walk with me too. Only this time, He won't laugh...He'll cry with me.

I'm blessed...I hope you see that you are too.

1 comment:

  1. i love it when God laughs AT me! like your title states, i plan, God laughs. maybe it's at my ego, my brashness or my limited perspective. whichever, i'm pretty sure God's main method of convey'n this is through irony and sacrasm. ;-)