Friday, October 30, 2009

Costumes and Lost Sponges

I know that God has been laughing a lot this week. Mostly because I've been doing dumb stuff. So God has been laughing and going, "What on earth is she doing?"

First, I think that He really laughs at Halloween. I don't believe He thinks it is worshipping the devil or anything weird like that. I think God watches us dress up, looking like fools, and just laughs and laughs and laughs. For example, we got extra credit for my music class to dress up. So in my lameness, my costume for this year is simply a cowgirl. I have a plaid tunic, brown leggings, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. It looked good. But one kid in our class was a plug. He literally had a big cloth plug wrapped around him. It was hilarious. We had to sing to another class in our costumes. While they laughed, I think God was definitely laughing.

Then last night I asked my roommate if she used my sponge. She said no. I couldn't figured out where it went because I had used it this week. So I literally tore apart my closet looking for it. Looked in my shoes and everything. I stood up, very confused and realized that it had managed to fall out of the closet and was placed conveniently right beside my bag, BEHIND where I was sitting.

Sarah and I just laughed. A lot. Because really, it was dumb.

I'm really blessed. It's been a good week and I love my friends. This weekend is going to be a great weekend. Campfire tonight, Bible study retreat in the morning with muffins, tea, and fabulous ladies, and then a fun, safe costume party tomorrow night. It'll be a great weekend.


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