Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not All the Humorous, but Worthy of Noting

So it's been a little while. I am back at school after fall break. Breaks are always too short. Enough said.

Yesterday I learned that my great-uncle Ray passed away after battling pancreatic cancer for the past 6 months. In no way was it funny to hear about this, but I know that he was in pain. I would bet that his wife will be soon to follow him. She's very sick as well. I only ask for prayers for his immediate family, especially my pop-pop who was very close to him. However, in receiving the news from my mom, we couldn't help but laugh at the drama that goes along with our family as well as reminiscing about the happy moments with Uncle Ray. I guess I will count our laughter as God sneaking in some joy among the sadness.

Another moment of God trying to be funny is with today's weather at Millersville. This evening I have to lead a care group lesson (which I just planned an hour ago), do musical blocking for an hour, go to a meeting for an hour, and then go back to musical rehearsal and do more blocking. Why is this humorous? Because it is about 35 degrees outside and pouring down rain. I guess God will enjoy the sight of my dancing in rainboots.

I promised pictures of my new room! So here they are.
Enjoy. I'll try to find some pictures of my room before it looked like this!

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  1. pretty room you have there! i like your minimialist style and your color palete! good job, great success!!